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Sunday, July 24, 2011

After the tragedy on Utøya and in Oslo - Norway will stay strong

Maria Mena (norwegian artist) - Mitt lille land (with pictures from the last days)

The tradgey of the killings of young people on Utøya and the explosion in Oslo was even larger than we ever could imagine. Over 70 people were killed. The people of Norway are in sorrow. But we will stay strong.

Prableen Kaur- tells in her blog about her experience in the critical hours at the island Utøya (in norwegian):
From international news:

Friday, July 22, 2011

Shocking day for Oslo

Today it was a terribel bomb attack in Oslo center at the government building and shooting at kids at a youth camp at Utøya outside Oslo.
My thoughts and blessings goes to all the people in Oslo and at Utøya, the injuried people and the family and friends of the people that are no longer with us..

I and my family and friends that I know about are fine. Im not in Oslo today.


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