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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The seaside of Oslo

Welcome to this new blog!
We will like to guide you trough our city. We will show you photos of well-known places and sights and other maybe more secret places.
This blog is for everybody that are going to Oslo and for those who live in Oslo, for those who loves Oslo and for those who just want to take a look at photos from the city.
About myself, I am born and raised in Oslo. I have also lived other places in Norway and outside this country, but Oslo is the place I call home and always will return back to. I love this city and its diversity and possibilities. I love the fact that you are close to the sea, and close to the woods and hills that are sourrding the city. You can go swimming in the summer and skiing in winter time. Oslo is a small capital, but has the same offers as a big city.

Akershus Castle, viewed from the sea

On a boat-trip with Urd

Beate and Camilla enjoying. Akershus Castle in the background


Aker Brygge - The pier with shopping center, restaurants, bars, cinema and many other amusements. Nice to walk her in the summer time! In the background Rådhuset - the Town Hall.

A cool old WV on Aker Brygge

Cannons on Akershus Castle

Photoshoot on Akershus Castle. The castle -area is a nice place for a date!

A view on the city center

Visit Akershus fortress
Visti Aker Brygge (Norwegian text only)

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